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June Holiday program

Cherish Edutainment

Learn through  Edutainments ,Events , Camp,Workshop ,Seminar , Discussion

Watch out for our coming June Holiday Camps

1) Master My Maths camp
2) Little Einstein Science Camp
3) Arts Camp
4) Einstein Financial Literacy
5) Speech and Drama
6) Cherish Culinary
7) Enrichments Camp
- Physics Camp
- Science camp
- Maths Camp

1) Master My Maths camp

Looking for Strategies for Learning algebra ?

Master My Maths
Master My Algebra Workshop Module 1
Before embarking on any learning journey, it is essential to ‘prepare the ground’ to ensure optimal learning takes place. Your child will understand better the learning process and how to enjoy and use it to further enhance their lives. In addition, he or she will obtain strategies to maximize their learning capacity.
To enable students to understand algebra can be as easy as ABC with the right technique and problem solving skill. We coach you in your understanding of the key important foundation and transform your mind block on Maths
We coach you and connect you on how to master Algebra
We assist you to develop skill and techniques in advancing your algebra Maths skill. Efficient learning strategies and Strategies For Motivation
The key to motivation is being able to do difficult Maths sums or boring Maths sums  easily.
Topic : Algebra 1

Master My Maths
Master My Algebra workshop Module 2
Life for a student can often be stressful. During the workshop, participants will also gain a deeper awareness on the different types of stress that they face, obtain tips on how to manage exam stress and to deal with ongoing stress positively.
Topic : Algebra 2

Maths camp for
Maths Age group :13-17 years
Date :  June 4 (Saturday ) June 18 ( Saturday )
Venue : RTC
Time   : 2pm to 6pm
Fee     : $188 per module
             $328 per 2 module

*Book prizes will be awarded during the Algebra Maths challenge part of the programme.
(for registered participants):
1 maths books worth up to $28 for early sign up in May .

2) Little Einstein science adventure camp
Topic :Robots
As we are nearing the June holidays, We would like to introduce our “Magic of Science” Technobots holiday special to kids . It is a robot themed camp that consists of hands-on activities coupled with easy to grasp lessons to introduce children to the wonderful world of Science and promote the understanding of relevant scientific concepts through an effective and interesting approach. The children will also be able to bring their products/creations home with an activity log.
Date June 3 , 10 ,17,24
Time 4-6pm
Age :4- 6 years old
Fee $60 per session

3) Arts Camp
Date : June 3 , 10 ,17,24
Time : 1pm -3pm
Age : 5-12 years old
Fee  $60 per session

Any of the programme as below :
Oven baked clay on frame
Plasticine on frame
3D recycle modeling
Crepe paper silhouette on frame
Oven baked clay keychain
Oven baked clay with candle gel
Sock puppet making

4) Little Fun Wealth  Club
A good number of children play computer games at home and in recreation clubs. The parents of these kids may not know that coding is an important skill that can be learned quite easily. To encourage children to unleash their creativity, we offer a 2-day coding program for kids. The parents themselves can attend a story-telling workshop to inculcate the right financial values and habits in their children.
 The children will learn what is ATM , spend ,save , donate ,share , invest .
We will set the kids in a monopoly game where they learn what money matters.
Charity organization we are supporting :
We are supporting the (CPAS , Elderly home , Children Home )
Date : June 3 ,10,17 ,24
Time : 10am -12nn
Fee.   :$120 per session

5) Acting , Speech and Drama
 Acting and presentation skill .
Date : June 5 , 12, 19 ,26
Time : 10am -12nn
Venue :
Fee   : $120 per session

session 1 : basic speech
basic script reading and bonding
Acting basics
Fun speech exercises

session 2 : Drama Teaching  101
how not to be shy
how to add drama and suspense
drama techniques and body language

session 3

How to be a good actor
More in depth knowledge for better equipped students
Preparation for final drama show
Advanced acting techniques
voice projection

Session 4
Final drama show
 Assignments and jobs may be assigned to talented participants

6) Cherish Culinary with a loving heart

Danish pastry and Croissant.
Learn the skill to bake and create and raise fun for charity

It will be a one time whole process class and takes about 3 hours, and that
include mixing of dough, sheeting and shaping, and finally baking.
Attached are some photos of what we will be doing.

Fee : $108 per session

7) Enrichment Maths Camp

Description of Camps

For all Camps,  participants will receive a goodie bag containing one mathematics book (valued at $20) and some refreshments.

1. Mathematics Enrichment Camp (Sec.1-Sec4)

In this interactive camp, we will explore the beauty of mathematics through creative problem solving, and learn about some famous mathematicians and their discoveries.

Facilitator: Dr. Rajesh R. Parwani of the Simplicity Research Institute (
Fee: $88 per person
Time: 2-5 pm
Date: 25 Jun

2.  Physics Enrichment Camp: From Newton to Einstein  (Sec.1- JC2)

In this camp, we will examine the key ideas introduced by Newton, and improved upon by Einstein.
We will also look into their personal lives, motivations, struggles, and impact.
Facilitator: Dr. Rajesh R. Parwani of the Simplicity Research Institute (
Fee: $88 per person
Time: 2-5 pm
Date: 14 Jun

3.  Science Enrichment Camp: From the Scientific Method to Complex Systems  (Sec.1- JC2)

In this interactive camp, we will explore how mathematics and computer simulations allow us to model and understand complex systems ranging from  how ants find the shortest distance to a food source, to how epidemics can be prevented by vaccinations.

Facilitator: Dr. Rajesh R. Parwani of the Simplicity Research Institute (
Fee: $88 per person
Time: 2-5 pm
Date: 11 June

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CHERISH ACADEMY: CHERISH ACADEMY presents 2016 June Holiday Camp

CHERISH ACADEMY: CHERISH ACADEMY presents 2016 June Holiday Camp: June 2016 Holiday Camp @ Bukit Tinah , Amber Road , East area Please register your interest at 93850386 Cherish Acade...

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The purpose in life is to share love with people that need it!

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